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What is the California AR Championship?



The California adventure racing championship (C-AR-C) is a points series for completing qualifying adventure races throughout California,Washington, Oregon and Arizona.  Teams of 2, 3 or 4 members will be able to participate in events as short as 2 hours or as long as 4 days.  Points will be awarded both for overall team ranking at the race and for race distance/category.  Teams can do as many qualifying races, but only the 4 best team results for the year will be used to determine the California ARA champion. See who is leading now [Leader Board]

Now you have a real adventure racing season! You can create a team strategy that lets you enjoy racing and participate in the championship series. Also, you can get to know who races at your level, who you can try to beat and who you may want to race with for the next season.

How can you join?

To join you just need to race. That's it! You race and we get your team's name out of the race result sheets.

You can help us by just registering (free) on www.arcalifornia.org. Enter your profile information as well as your team name if you have one already.


What is a team?

Your team can be composed of up to 5 people who can take turns racing. You just need to have one of the team members racing in two consecutive races to keep your team in the competition.
For example, if Robert and Kelly race together, then either Robert or Kelly will need to represent the team at another race to keep racing under the same team name.

If you don't have a team yet or are looking for a teammate you can: register on our Caifornia-ara site and look for Adventure Racers in your area. Or join our Meetup Group and check for updates on groups closer to your home.

What are the racing categories?

 The elite categories will be the coed teams, but we also plan to recognize all men and all women teams.  Unfortunately, though we will be tracking the Solo racing results, the solo racing category is not a part of the championship..

Racing Divisions are as follows:

Adventure - COED: at least one woman team member must be present at every race

Adventure - All MEN: all men teams

Adventure - All WOMEN: all women teams.

Sprint - COED: at least one woman team member must be present at every race

Sprint - All MEN: all men teams

Sprint - All WOMEN: all women teams.


What are the distances?

Adventure Races are usually defined by the average or expected finish time for that event.
To make it easier, we have added simple labels for the race distances:


SPRINT: events less than or equal to 4 hours. Sprints usually don't involve navigation (finding your own way), you just have to follow the course markings. If there is a water section the boats are usually provided.


SPORT: events greater than 4 hours and less than 8 hours. Sport distance usually involve navigation and a water section (not all races) where you'll need to rent or bring your own kayak.


EXPLORE: events greater than 8 hours and less than 18 hours. Explore distance usually combines the three main AR disciplines with navigation skills.


24: events greater than 18 hours and less than 36 hours. 24 events are the most advanced distance of AR that is still accessible to weekend warriors! Expect to use advanced navigation skills.


EXPEDITION: events longer than 36 hours or multiple days stage event. The expedition races are for elite racers, people with great physical capacities and a 100% dedication to the sport.

What are the divisions?

We have 2 divisions: SPRINT and ADVENTURE. 


For the Sprint division only your best Sprints race results counted.  If you complete 4 races you'll collect more points that if you race 3. But if you complete 5 races you'll automatically get your best 4 results counted.


For the Adventure division, all the races you do, including sprints, can be used for the points series. But you must have at least 1 of your 4 best results in a non-sprint event. The point system is set in a way that it will be very difficult to win the adventure category if your strategy is to race mostly sprint events.

How does the Point system work?

A. Ranking Points
The point system is based on your overall race ranking at a qualifying event. The higher your ranking in a race, the more points you will get.   For example, 1st  gets 1000 point, 2nd 950, and so on.  Here is the complete ranking points table.


B. Distance points

A long race is more difficult than a short race so we allocate more points for a longer race.

SPORT: 306 points
EXPLORE: 318 points
TWENTY FOUR: 324 points
EXPEDITION: 330 points

you will note a big gap between Sprint and Sport. This gap is designed to split the two divisions so it's almost impossible to win the adventure division by participating mostly in sprint races.

And here is an example for an All women Adventure Team
Team Green
Race - A Sport Race
Sport Distance Race : 306 points
Overall Race Rank - 4th : 860 points
Total points = 1166
Team Blue
Race - A 24 hour race
24 : 324 points
Overall Race Rank - 7th : 740 points
Total points = 1064


You feedback is welcome:

This is our first year organizing the championship.  We have tried our best to find a system which is flexible enough to fit all the different race formats and multiple categories. We welcome your comments along the season so we can improve the system for next year.

Please let us know if you have changed your team name or if it was misspelled (in this case the results will account as a different team).


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