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The Biggest Challenge in Adventure Racing


As a coach, I work with triathletes, runners, mountain bikers and kayakers.   And with all these athletes, their biggest challenge with adventure racing is
“How do I get started?”

If you are new to our sport, here is a simple guide to get you started

1. Find your local adventure racing community.  (Checkout this helpful guide to northern California AR.  We are also making one for southern California)
2. Find out what events and races are happening around you.  (Event Map)
3. Volunteer at these events  and races to get acquainted with the sport and the community
4. Join the weekly activities in your community (Southern California; Northern California)
5. Attend the free clinics we offer?
6. Do a sprint race and see how you like it.

If you are veteran of adventure racing, here are some ideas to help the new adventure racers

1. Take an active role integrating new people into our community.  Share knowledge, experience and information
2. Help answer questions and emails
3. If appropriate, welcome people to your weekly activities.  If it is a group activity, don’t drop people 
4. Find opportunities to connect new adventure racers with potential teammates
5. Help set expectations.

Adventure racing is a great sport and an amazing community.  Showing people that we are an inclusive community will create a lasting friendship with the sport.


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