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Adventure Races

Trek, Bike, and Kayak - This is the ultimate challenge physical and mental challenge in adventure sport.

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Obstacle Course

Trek, mud, obstacles - Adventure racing boot camp. Push yourself through obstacles and mud pits to get to the finish line.

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Urban Challenges

Walk, run, bike - These events are as fun and challenging as The Amazing Race, but are designed to be done in less than 4 hours.

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Questions and Answers


The team at California Adventure Racing Association is still working on a forum for this site.  We see the value, but we also see that forums can sometimes scare people away.

For now, take advantage of the community.  Here are some helpful resources

 Do you have a questions?

For Northern California, send an email to the following Google Group - NorcalAR ( note that you have to join the group first)

For Southern California, Nevada and Arizona, send an email to the following Google Group - SoCalAR ( note that you have to join the group first)

You can event post a message to our Facebook

Looking for a Teammate, start here and see who is racing around you.  If you are registered on the site, you can email these people.


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Upcoming Events & Races

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