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Tri-Adventure Challenge 2009


When? February 28, 2009 

What is it?

Join us for the 2nd Annual Tri-Adventure Challenge. The challenge is a combination of triathlon and Amazing Race. Using a map, teams of 2 use road bikes to get to the kayaks and trails, collecting checkpoints along the way.

"Thanks Hani for the excellent time.  Made a few (or a lot :p ) rookie mistakes but looking forward to doing it again next year.  I spoke with some other folks about it and some didn't even know there was a place in redwood shores to kayak."

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At the Start. 

All you needed was a bike and running shoes. We spent 30 minutes going over the maps and answering questions for people. Then we asked everyone to take off their bike shoes. :) Shoes were put in a big pile near the bikes. Everyone had to run, find their shoes, get on the bike and get started.


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