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Teams are a good source of information, experience, and support. Whether you are new to racing or want to take your racing to the next level, find your local teams, reach out for questions and maybe join them for some workouts.  

Team YogaSlackers


Team YogaSlackers - an eclectic mix of extreme  endurance athletes, master yogis, rugged adventurers, and talented slackliners (some members are all four!) who all share a passion for environmental education and awareness.  


About the Team:

Expedition Adventure racing is about three things:

  • A penchant for extreme suffering
  • A penchant for perserverance against all odds
  • Teamwork

It is about being good at a lot of things and not being great at anything.  No amount of pre-planning has ever led to us having a smooth race.  We just expect things to go in an unexpected direction.  This kind of thinking makes life in general a little bit easier too.  So whether we are lost in the middle of the Australian outback with no food or water, stranded with no headlamps on top of a desert spire as the sun sets, or the Peace Love Car runs out of gas in Nowhere, Wyoming...someone will inevitably say with a smile, "It's just adventure race training".

Team YogaSlackers on the Channel Islands

BLOG:  http://yogaslackers.blogspot.com/
WEB: www.yogaslackers.com
NEW MOVIES: www.youtube.com/user/teamyogaslackers
PRESS HIGHLIGHTS:  Outside Magazine, WEND Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Current TV, Plum TV, SKY TV Europe, Urban Climber, Yoga Journal, Outdoor Japan, Time Magazine TV and many many more!


Synergy AR



Founded :2008 

Location : Southern California


Blog: http://teamsynergyar.blogspot.com/

Facebook Group






About the Team:

A cohort of athletes from southern California have come together to try and satiate their appetite for outdoors, adventure, and racing. Team Synergy AR (formerly Team Baconnaise) consists of 7 racers that are trying to alleviate the clogging of our arteries by jettisoning ourselves over mountains via bike, bushwhacking for an elusive checkpoint, kayaking or swimming anywhere we can find water, and going as hard as we can wherever we can. The team participates in adventure races, triathlons, duathalons, mountain bike races, trail runs, and anything else we can get our hands on. In 2009 our athletes competed in over 15 races throughout California, mostly under the guise of Team Baconnaise,  and successfully amassed multiple podium finishes. In 2010 the team will compete in local races and also attempt to make a national name for themselves as they compete in multiple checkpoint tracker series that feeds into the Adventure Racing National Championship.

If you have a love for the outdoors, affection for bacon, or a passion for competition, you have something in common with us.



Team DesertDashLV.com Powered by Rock'in Runners of Las Vegas



Team DesertDashLV.com  Powered by Rock'in Runners of Las Vegas


(Stands for: Team - The Athletes Foot of Las Vegas)


Jeff Hobbs - Married, 5 kids, teacher, wrestling coach

Matt Nighswonger - Married, teacher, wrestling coach, football coach

Tyler Sutton - Married, 2 kids, teacher, wrestling coach










We race most 3 to 6 hour races but have done and will do longer races too.

When we race we have 3 things we always keep in mind.  1) have fun 2) stay friends 3) finish the race

We like to do the shorter race because we all have families and responsibilities that take up most of our time.

We are fully sponsored by The Athletes Foot of Las Vegas.  An awesome local shoe store that is the nucleus of racing in Las Vegas.


Check them out at these web sites:












Founded : 2002

Location : San Francisco


 Racing Focus : Sprint


About the team:
Like most adventure racing teams, Taintastic is represented by expert riders, runners, trekkers and paddlers.  Just kidding.  We actually grew up together and thought racing would be a fun way to stay in shape.  At first, it was a matter of survival and a resounding need to aviod injury and embarassment.  Despite watching Marty strip down to just spandex to scale "the wall" at the end, we were hooked on racing and the team would grow bigger and stronger.
Taintastic is based in San Francisco and has been racing since 2002.  The team has completed a variety of races including sprint and medium (6-12 hr) distance adventure races, urban races, Bay to Breakers and a few marathons

Team Vanderkitten




Founded :2008

Location :San Francisco, Bay Area


Facebook Group

Contact us - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






About the Team:

Team Vanderkitten is sponsored by Vanderkitten – Clothing for Women Who Kick Ass!

Who is Team Vanderkitten? 

Team Vanderkitten is a team of Adventure Racing (AR) women that kick ass.

We are… Beautiful, STRONG, Clever, Competitive women not afraid to get our hands (or whole selves) dirty in pursuit of adventure and racing. We are role models demonstrating that women can be feminine and graceful while taking hella risks playing outdoors! ~

Our Mission:

  • introduce more and more women to adventure racing – from athletes new to the sport to advanced athletes.
  • teach and train women for adventure races of all distances, whether a sprint, long, 24, or expedition race.


Our Vision:

Team Vanderkitten aims to grow the number of women in adventure racing and the number all-women AR teams. Team Vanderkitten endeavors to field all-women teams in all adventure race lengths – from sprint distance through expedition-length races – held west of Mississippi and then nationwide.


Tecnu Extreme - StaphAseptic


[ info by  Earring Doug Judson ]

Founded : I started this team summer of 1997 for the Eco Challenge "Race for a Space" that was Mark Burnetts race held in Malibu. I originally named it " Esprit de Corp" which loosely translated means " A group of individuals working towards a common goal." We still to this day carry the Esprit de Corp motto with us on our race jerseys. We have been Tecnu Extreme/StaphAseptic adventure racing for the past 3 years.  We have a killer, super supportive sponsor whose motto oddly and coincidentally enough, turned out to also be " Esprit de Corp." What a natural fit!.

Location : Core team is located mostly in California.  Davis, Sacramento, Oakland Hills specifically, and then Tahoe, Texas, Colorado, and Washington.




The Team:

  • Earring Doug Judson-Founder/Team Captain, logistical guru, and Public Relations dude.
  • Charlie " Sherpa" Kharsa-Co captain/Co navigator and pound for pound one of the toughest guys out there. World class Whitewater dude.
  • Mari Chandler-team "whip cracker", "Queen of the Machine," always with a smile pushing the team, the gal who drives the pedal to the metal and dares the boys to go harder. Fastest runner in AR. Once ran a 4:32 mile.  NOT kidding!
  • Leslie Reuter-"co-Queen of the Machine" /co-navigator.  Texas state Mt. bike champ and 4 time USARA Sprint National Champion.
  • Matt Hayes-Co Nav God, and borrowed teamie from Nuun for a few races this year
  • Kyle Peter-Main Navigator, super well rounded,team song leader, and militant hippie
  • Brian Schmitz-work-horse extraordinaire/fun duder keeping it light and airy.
  • Keith Bushaw-work-horse extraordinaire




Founded :

Location : Northern California - Shasta

Website : www.teamsoar.net

 Racing Focus :


  • Coed Adventure ( 8 -12 hour)
  • Coed Expedition ( 24+ hours)


 About the Team:

SOAR is a group of individuals committed to promoting the sports of orienteering and adventure racing throughout Northern California.


Racing With Giants



Founded :2002 

Location : Bay Area ( Peninsula )

Website : www.racingwithgiants.com 

 Racing Focus :


  • Coed Sprint
  • All-Women Sprint
  • Coed Adventure ( 8 -12 hour)
  • All-Women Adventure (8-12 hour)
  • Coed Expedition ( 24+ hours)


 About the Team:

 Racing With Giants (RWG) is a competitive adventure racing team based in the Peninsula. Our focus is on multi-sport events which last as little as four hours and up to 10 day expeditions. The primary disciplines are mountain biking, kayaking, and running.  Navigation and outdoor survival skills are a must.  We strive to race hard, have fun, and promote the sport of adventure racing.

Our Values are key to our success


  1. Safety first 
  2. It is about the team
  3. Skill above fitness
  4. Mutual respect – Care for each other
  5. Common Goals

 And.. we have a development program for new athletes






Founded :

Location : San Francisco ( Bay Area )

Website : www.baarbd.org

 Racing Focus :

  • Coed Adventure ( 8 -24 hour)
  • Coed Expedition (24+ hours)

 About the Team:


AR Nav Supplies



Founded :

Location : San Francisco ( Bay Area )

Website : http://www.arnavsupplies.com/team.html

 Racing Focus :

  • Coed Adventure ( 8 -24 hour)

 About the Team:

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