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Quick Start Guide Northern California   

Quick Start Guide Southern California


Here are some simple steps to help you get started.

1. Join your local AR community

( Local racers, Teams,  weekly activities (North;South), Newsletter, Facebook)

2. Orienteer ( BAOC, GCO, LAOC, SDO)

3. Volunteer   - Local events and races

4. Learn -Races, Clinics and Other fun events - (Event Map)

5. Try a sprint race - (Beginner races


Keep it Below 35 PSI


On average, mountain bike tires are rated for 30—60 PSI.  And often, I find people are taking full advantage of the 60 psi pressure.  This is a problem, especially for new and intermediate riders. 

At higher pressure, the tires will roll faster.  This is good.  But, when you make contact with rocks and bumps on the trail, the tires will tend to bounce and skip rather than roll over these objects.  This is bad. 

At lower pressure (30-35psi), the tires will roll slower on the trails.  But, when you hit an object, the tire will almost “pancake” in shape as it absorbs the rocks and other bumps on the trails.  This is good. 

As a new or intermediate cyclist, check you tire pressure before every ride.  Believe me, it makes a big difference. 

How low can you go? 

If you go below 30 PSI, you start running the risk of getting pinch flats.  I don’t recommend going lower unless you have tubeless tires.  


**** Always follow the tire manufacturer recommendation for tire pressure.


To Clip or Not To Clip - The Bicycle Pedal Question


Why use clipless pedals?

Using the example of skiing again, imagine using duct tape to secure your running shoes to the ski. It may work, but your skiing experience probably won’t be all that great. Clipless pedals provide the rider with better control over the pedals and bicycle. If you think you may want clipless pedals, continue reading. Otherwise, you can skip to the next section of the book.

DESIGN – Clipless pedals all pretty much work in the same way. A pedal “cleat” is connected to the bottom of your cycling shoes. You simply place your foot (while wearing the special shoes, of course) on top of the pedal and push down. The pedal and cleat will then lock together. There is a common misconception that once you are locked into a clipless pedal, it is difficult to get out. Don’t believe the hype! You will be able to get out just as easily as you were able to get in. If you want to un-clip, you simply push your foot sideways and towards the ground. I would strongly recommend that you have your local bike shop demonstrate the locking and unlocking procedure for the pedal that you buy.

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